Thursday, 9 December 2010

state of the nation

Ellie-Jay was born in Dublin, she was raised in Wexford for the first year of her life bu her nan. UK social services prevented Ellie-Jay returning to Ireland even though her nan had been assessed by the Irish Authorities and deemed fit to take care of her with no concerns!
On 19th November 2009, Ellie-Jay was stolen from her nan at Holyhead Port by the authorities, she has never been returned to her family and is now up for adoption in the UK.

To sign a petition to get her returned click here.

To understand the backgound to the increasing number of these cases please listen to Brian Gerrish's talk 'State of the Nation' describing how an attempt is being made to break down our society by destroying families.

By the way, the UK is the only country where it is legal to remove a child from their mother at birth.

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