Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Philosopher's Stone and the Magic of Social Engineering - Joseph Farrell

This is the best interview I have heard in absolutely ages. It encapsulates our way forward as increasingly consciously creative beings in a world that appears to be, or has been, something else. Applying this understanding consistently is an art of living that comes with practice and there are so many tools around now to help us.

Here are some notes...

There is a direct effect of consciousness on the physical medium. The esoteric traditions have taught us that the material world is an illusion and science now tells us the same thing.
Quantum physics teaches us that in any situation we determine the outcome by the conscious choice of what we are going to look for - and there is a group multiplier effect.

Social engineering is actually magic or alchemy. At the extreme end we are seeing the old practice of human sacrifice - from wars to abortion. These are designed as magical acts to create a traumatised consciousness in the physical medium.

Let the government go bonkers. The way forward is to create ever expanding islands of culture, to go after creative activity - you practise it yourself - you own the 'high culture'. Thoughts interface directly with the physical medium. Have positive thoughts. Do not give in to apocalyptic doom and gloom because those thoughts also interface directly with the physical medium. And group consciousness has a multiplier effect.

We need to wake up and see things deeply not superficially. Goodness is a deeply rooted metaphysical spiritual philosophical character we have to adopt. Esoteric alchemy is about turning the base metal of human into an enlightened being. The alchemist must be pure, must be good.

We need to create our own culture rather than let the socially engineered culture in - create good, beautiful, loving things.

This is not to say we should not be informed but there's a difference between being informed and peddling fear. 'They' have already factored in the reaction of conspiracy researchers as amplifying effects on their magical acts. Be involved politically but don't let it centre you. Art, music and poetry are like magical charms or talismen.

It is easier to transmit fear than good beautiful loving things. Don't let causes or ideals or the problems you see con you into anger, hatred or negativity of any kind. That is the very game we are up against! Loveliness, kindness, civility, goodness, beauty, gentleness and love are the way forward.

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