Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Trecena of Destiny

This trecena is ruled by Cib, or Ajmaq in K'iche' Maya, known also as the Owl. Cib represents the wisdom and the souls of our ancestors, of the ancients that came before us both in our own bloodline and in the human family now inhabiting the Earth. The energy of Cib embodies our connection to the long history of life through evolution, through the millions of years that have elapsed and blessed our planet with the diversity of life we see today, and the sanctity of consciousness, free will and love.

In our fast-paced, stressed society where being busy and having a career is prized above health and above family, where success is defined by material wealth and personal status, there is little room for what truly matters. But we can make that room, re-arrange our schedules, redefine and re-establish our priorities. We have a choice, regardless of what our bosses, our colleagues, our peers—and yes, even our own families—may say. The only thing keeping us from making the choices we want to make, deep down, is fear, uncertainty, and the force of habit.

This is why connecting to the paths your ancestors have walked is so important, and so healthy. Cleanse your karma, enjoy the present moment and nurture your desired future.

Reconnect—and you will understand where you come from.

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