Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Trecena of Abundance

A lush and fertile sign, Lamat, or Q’anil in K’iche’ Maya, brims with the energy of positive growth and abundance. Lamat represents the seed, corn, pride, harvest and food. It is the nagual of all kinds of animal and plant seeds, and the daysign of fertility and harvests, of prosperity and abundance. It signifies corn and its four colors known to the Maya: yellow, white, red and black—which are also the four colors of the twenty daysigns in the Tzolk’in, represented by the four cardinal directions of the globe.

Take these next thirteen days to enjoy and celebrate the abundance in your life, without guilt, without hesitation: celebrate who you are, what you bring to this world and your loved ones, and what your loved ones and the world around you, in turn bring to you.

Let us remember what true abundance really is: it’s not money or fame, and it’s not power or influence. Abundance is life in its breathtaking diversity of forms and colors. Abundance is the unfathomable volumes of sunlight, water, air and nutrients that cycle throughout the biosphere. Abundance is a rich harvest that leaves plenty of fruits, vegetables and grain for the next season or to share with your neighbor. Abundance is an endlessly overflowing fountain of joy, elation and happiness that never dries up and never asks for anything in return. Abundance is that nobility of spirit that keeps no score and no grudges, a spirit completely content and free of toxic emotions and thoughts.

Think about what living an abundant, joyous, fulfilling life really means to you, not what advertisers want it to mean to you, and pursue that—not the plastic idealizations of modern life you see and hear in the media and the Internet. Do not allow the poison of envy, greed, inferiority or inequality to enter the vessels of your soul. Respect your natural merit and worthiness of a full and enriching life.

This Trecena, choose to live in breathtaking abundance.

~ Birgitte Rasine

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