Sunday, 30 January 2011

Survive in Beauty

Against alarmism, Gaia responds with a message that will register in the heart of all those who are truly her devotees, those who desire nothing more than to learn the sublime discipline of her purposes. To instill this message in your minds, I give you her words, verbatim:

    To survive in Beauty is my safe passage for you.

If the human experiment fails, and disappears in the current extinction, it will be because of one failure, one supreme shortcoming, above all others: not to observe beauty. The epi-culture we have created must go because it is too ugly to endure, too ugly to be tolerated. We perish from not observing beauty: this is the epitaph of the human species. The same for the behaviours of greed and deceit that run that epiculture. These behaviors must perish. Only what is beautiful does Gaia deem worthy to preserve. Only what is beautiful in us will preserve us. Indeed, only what is beautiful will serve us, when push comes to shove. In Beauty we have safe passage to a future worth living. The call to Beauty counteracts the disorienting hysteria of alarmism because alarmism triggers a need to survive at any cost, in any fashion, but in the sanity and honor of our hearts, all we really desire is to be beautiful in Gaia's ways. Beautiful, sober, playful, serene.

That is how those who recognize Gaia as the living, indwelling intelligence of this planet will get through the current extinction.

John Lamb Lash

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