Monday, 17 January 2011

The Trecena of Vision

Men, the Eagle (Tz'ikin in K'iche' Maya), carries this next Trecena high into the heavens with his powerful wings. Come along for a 36,000-foot view of your life as you soar far above the routine, the day-to-day, the mundane.

Unfetter the shackles of entrenched belief, fear and uncertainty that hold you down, break down the walls of what others tell you, shed the old brittle skin and let your colors shine through with all their vibrant life. This is the time to ask for and receive good luck, fortune, and the resources you need to realize your dreams.

Modern society is built on control, power and influence—the media, the economy, the political system, organized religion, even the workplace and our own families can be confining, whether or not they intend to be. This is a time for you to explore who you really are: your higher self, your dreams and ambitions, your ultimate potential.

Careful, though, not to act too quickly or impulsively, for these soaring heights can be intoxicating. When you witness pure potential, when you feel the exhilaration of freedom, it’s like a drug. The air is purer, you can see farther, you can fly faster and stronger. But this trecena is about vision, perspective, and insight, not action. So take these thirteen days to clear your vision and your perspective, work through where you want your life’s path to take you, or where it is already taking you, and prepare to take action in due time.

Remember, flight at these heights takes experience, planning and skill. Remember Jonathan Livingston Seagull. So spread your wings, try them out, push them farther and higher than ever before, and fly.

~ Birgitte Rasine

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