Friday, 21 January 2011

Returning to our natural happy selves

Much of current physical reality for humans is the result of chaotic and hijacked thinking that has deviated from nature and that is why so many of the structures are now crumbling. It is important that the 'flow' we go with is connected to the dreams and hopes of divine intelligence, the things that deeply satisfy us and we don't get overly distracted with the chaotic 'flow' of much of what currently exists or is on its way out or by frustrations and obstacles we felt in the past. It helps to go into a deep meditative space to set goals that are taking us to what we truly want and makes us happy. The priority is feel and to feel as good as possible and our goals need to be connected to this. This is the best place to act from, the best place to think from, and the best place to be of any use to anyone. This means using our thinking minds creatively rather than reactively.

The Abraham Hicks material is the most useful I have found for getting back to this.  Over the holiday period I finally got round to watching the complete 'Getting into the Vortex' DVD set by Abraham Hicks.
Although I have read and watched a fair amount of Abraham Hicks material before, actually watching this whole DVD helped in a way that surprised me because it is so thorough. The vortex as described by Abraham Hicks is that place in our consciousness where we are aligned to our full potential and to source or divine intelligence, Getting into the vortex is about connecting with what we have already created in non-physical reality. As we go into this process, our individual desires aren't in conflict with each other.

The vortex is beautifully described here:

And this is the focus wheel, a methodology for taking us from negative programming to creating what we want, at a pace that we can adjust our belief systems:

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