Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Main Event

This is one of my favourite trees, it's by a path that runs along a ridge of land that I see from my bedroom window - another world so near yet so far. Funnily I woke up this morning feeling that I have no space in my life any more for unnecessarily thinking about or talking about things that don't make me feel good.  What we imagine is what we will create so lets imagine things that make us feel good.  Sounds obvious, but as usual doing it is far more powerful than and different to nodding to the concept - what if we were to do it consistently - maybe for an experimental length of time (say 21 days, 3 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes??) and see what happens?
If there is a starting point I would probably say that this is it and I came to this before I came to see nutrition as one of our main allies - that's how I found raw food nutrition.  and colours my approach very much to raw food.  In order to feel good, and to know what makes us feel good, we need to be able to actually feel - and we need some kind of happening and connective neurochemistry in order to do this. So, the path of us all feeling better is a holistic lifestyle package.

Recently I have been feeling even less interested than ever with the sideshow dramas and distractions.  The main event, as far as I am concerned is moving into a heightened energetic state and this involves the refinement of brain neurochemistry, our surroundings AND the imagery we create and so on .  I keep connecting with more and more people who are feeling the same. It's not that anything can prevent the main event going ahead - it has all the power of nature and natural desire - the distractions are just irritating and boring delays - that draw us in with the promise of something else.

Obviously the connection between men and women can be one of the most amazing things we experience I was delighted to read this by Matt Monarch in The Raw Food World. 

' In a few paragraphs, let me tell you why I feel that I am the LUCKIEST man on the planet. It wasn't until Angela entered my life that everything seemed to become 'effortless' for me. Although I still had a lot of growing up to do when we first connected, it was the first time in my life where it felt like everything just flowed with ease. Previously, I had always had this feeling of being painfully LOST in some way, which came with a feeling of being on a NEVER-ENDING search for SOMETHING, and I did not even know what I was looking for. When Angela and I committed to our path together, it felt like this 'never-ending' search came to a close. For me, this was and is like living in perpetual bliss. I have written many times before about the very special characteristics Angela posesses, which I hadn't seen before in another human being. She is always DRAMA-LESS!

Angela doesn't entertain ANY relationship drama whatsoever and she spots this type of drama instantaneously when it arises. Before I met Angela, I had never met anyone like this, who doesn't accept or support an INKLING of drama within their lives. Angela seems to have the ability to PINPOINT the roots of any 'negative' energetic expressions that arise in practically ANYONE!!! Initially, when we first met, for COUNTLESS MONTHS I would defend myself after any ERUPTION of mine that she would pinpoint. At the times I wouldn't settle down she would just send me LOVE until I would work the things out that I was SOLELY responsible for. I have grown and learned so much with Angela. I feel that she has rubbed off on me QUITE A BIT and I now feel happily settled into our "No Drama" lives together.'

Bypassing drama takes us to so much more energetic things like appreciating of things we love and men appreciating women is specially nice.  We like it!

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