Sunday, 27 April 2014

zapping and earthing

I have been using a zapper whilst driving recently and just want to share what a massive difference it has made to the way I land at the end of the journey!  Previously, after say a two hour car journey, I would arrive feeling in sore need of nurturance and certainly unable to deal with composure with any unexpected problems at my is a different story.  I have been very grateful for this recently as have had a lot driving to do between work and seeing my precious family in Devon.

The effects of zapping resemble those earthing technology.  I am not one with over enthusiasm for collections of gadgets but really this one is really worth it if we are in situations where it is difficult to be earthed.  Personally I am 'earthed' most of the time these days, when working, sleeping and much of the time when out. The more we can stay energetically protected whilst in the artificial labyrinth, the more capable we can be of seeing the beauty of nature on reemergence.

Another thing I have noticed on myself which is something that happens when I live immersed in the natural desire to eat late at night or for reasons other than a direct desire for food.  I think, living cocooned away from the Earth there can be a tendency to eat sometimes just to be 'grounded', to be connected to living organic material.  Even the electrical connection of a grounding sheet or mat can ameliorate this situation.

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