Wednesday, 30 April 2014

scarlet letter

from Official Stores by Liam Scheff, what a great read!

from the chapter HIV - The Scarlet Letter

"The Confessional

When someone says that they're "infected with HIV" they mean that someone gave them an HIV test.  When they hear that there are 10 or 40 or 100 million billion HIV positives living in the world, "half of whom do not know that they have the virus", (because that's how they sell it), it means that the official number makers have used a device called an "HIV test" on a few people and extrapolated it onto nations."

It was Steven Ransom and Phillip Day's book, World without Aids where I first read fourteen years ago that there simply isn't an identifiable AIDS completely made sense...and the discover of the virus had even been found perpetrating medical fraud.  Phillip Day's books were the kind I would read in one night and Liam Scheff is just as compelling. This book lays it our beautifully and shockingly, definitely an 'adult read'.  The AIDS story is scary because it is so mired in confusion and helplessness...what an illustration of the layers and layers of irrelevant programming and belief systems we really can let go of to move into the beauty of reality.

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