Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Trecena of Potential

 Akbal, or Aq'ab'al in Kiche Maya, rules the trecena that begins today. Akbal reigns over the realm of Night, of the great deep Void where nothing yet exists and all potential dwells. This is the place where all things begin, where all roads commence, where all thoughts germinate.

Honor the sacred seed within your soul, sink into the profound, pregnant silence and release all earthly stresses, pressures and deadlines. For here, time has no sway. Here, all simply is and will be. Here, the core cells of nascent life of everything shimmer, bathed in an inner peace that has neither beginning nor end, holding within the possibility to become anything and to be everything.

It is really a matter of choice, of acceptance, and of letting go. Choose which path you will follow, which direction in life to take, which aspects of your soul to let bloom. Accept those choices and the responsibilities that come therewith. Accept them fully and completely. Respect them and respect yourself.

And above all, let go of toxic emotions, desires and attitudes that would fracture the path you have chosen to walk upon. Remember that fulfilling your potential is both the toughest and the simplest thing you’ll ever do.

Be you. Be who you were meant to be.

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