Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Trecena of Collaboration
As we enter this trecena, the trecena of Oc, or Tz'i in Kiche Maya, it is time to think of our extended family. Not just our biological family, but our human family. All of the people you come into regular contact with, at home, at work, in our social or community lives. What is your relationship with these individuals? Are your relationships fulfilling, supportive, loving, do they propel you—and the people in question—forward and upward, or do they hold you back, do they harbor anger, envy, resentment, insecurity, fear? Remember you always have a choice in life; and if you’re staying in a relationship out of need, fear, or simply because “there’s no one better,” you might think again.

Collaboration is typically understood as an interconnected relationship with one or more people wherein all parties work or interact closely together for a positive aim or goal. But it doesn’t have to be work or a career, and it doesn’t have to have a specific goal. Collaboration can simply mean living a positive relationship. But that starts with YOU. Your collaborative relationships reflect where you are in your life, your outlook and attitude. And no matter where you are, you can make a choice to move forward—or backward.

Why? Because you naturally attract or repel certain types of energies based on your personal evolution. If you are depressed, something inside wants to be happy but prefers to be down. If you are psychically strong and free of toxic emotions, you will simply not be able to coexist or collaborate with people who pull you down. The energies balance themselves out according to their own nature. There is no value judgment in the universe—only balance. And that requires emotional maturity, inner peace, and integration of the stronger, healthier qualities that make us human: loyalty, integrity, honor, love. That is the challenge of Oc.

So tip the scales in your favor. Be a team player—first, with yourself. And that will naturally flow outward to the people in your life.

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