Sunday, 14 November 2010

'Consciousness and the Direction of Structure' by Tony Wright

This article is revisited to bring attention to the fact that the construction of the microtubules in the brain is affected by the hormonal environment in utero, as well as by the quality of nutrition and dna of course.  The hormonal environment, in particular melatonin and flavonoid levels determine the precision to which the DNA blueprint is read.

'Microtubules: Generally considered part of the cells skeleton these supremely delicate and complex structures are increasingly associated with cognition and intelligence particularly in neural cells where they are especially abundant, some theories even suggest a central role in higher consciousness. Either way like most biological structures, their precise design and molecular arrangement, is dictated by DNA. However they display a very high level of plasticity in response to their biochemical environment, an excellent example of real time hormonal and chemical effect on the transcription, configuration and functionality of structures directly related to cognition and consciousness. For example a minor change in the cellular concentration of the neuro-active hormone melatonin will radically alter the structure of these extraordinary intelligence-related machines. Is it any wonder that the near total loss of the complex and hormonally active chemicals present and essential during the evolution and development of our brain has left the most delicate and hormonally sensitive parts of our consciousness system twisted and distorted literally out of all recognition.'

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