Friday, 26 November 2010

The Big Picture, Abraham Hicks
exploration of contrasts...'you have the ability to do a much better job of tuning yourself than you usually do...constantly trying to figure out...conjuring these new ideas...contemplating them...
and this is the thing that trips you defend your new choice by reminding yourself how bad it was before... that's my family reunions feel so awful...:):):) you go back to that place where you used to live and back to that place where you used to vibrate differently and you talk to those people who remember you as you were then even though you are in a whole different vibrational place...aaahhh!'nostalgia' :)...oh! disconnection:):):)...from who you really are
let's all let eachother live as who we are now... in perpetual amnesty...even with our own families and friends! :):):)
‎'in this red hot moment the fullness of who you are'
'the amount of time it takes from the offering of the idea and the flowing of it vibrationally into your vortex and the fully fledged manifestation of it is as short as no time when you are a vibrational match to what you are asking for'
‎'the freedom you want is from your own vibrational discord'

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