Monday, 22 November 2010

Sally Fallon Morrell, Wise Traditions

Lovely Sally Fallon explains how we all carry the DNA blueprint for beauty, health and strength; we just need  proper nutrition for the full expression of our genetic potential to unfold.

Traditional diets of people who did not suffer from degenerative diseases, tooth decay or tooth crowding (symptoms of deeper structural problems), although very different from each other, had commonalities.  Here Sally explains these.  

There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of animal fats and the fat soluble vitamins they contain, especially crucial for children,  a point that has been missed in modern dietary fads. The fat soluble vitamins such as A (retinol), D and K2 are catalysts for mineral absorption.  An example of  a modern trend which has not been helpful is fat reduced (skimmed) milks.  They still contain the calcium, but without the full quota of fat, it is difficult for the calcium to be effectively utilised. 

There is a wealth of information in these videos and thoroughly recommend watching both through.  This is especially important information for young women and mothers, and may confirm what their bodies are already telling them.

Phil Ridley from Wise Traditions UK who hosted Sally Fallon earlier this year, will be talking about traditional diets at the Food for Consciousness event in Totnes on Saturday.

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