Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Natasha Campbell-McBride explains mind-body-belly connection


You can hear Natasha in London on March 26th at  Wise Traditions UK 2011, festival for traditional nutrition.
I would add that vaccinations also play a part in this syndrome and I have experienced people with subtle but real vaccination damage having their lives opened up by heavy metal detox and repair of the gut, using this information.  A typical pattern we are seeing is that the first vaccinated generation experience slight problems with gut flora that need remedying, if they are not remedied before these mothers have children, the second generation have further health and information processing problems, and the third generation may not produce a fourth generation.   This is what we are seeing but it can be completely reversed when we know what to do.

'... in today’s society, many people are walking around with impaired gut flora due to steroids, prescription medications, alcohol, stress, a poor diet of processed foods and sugar (which actually feed abnormal gut flora), disease, age, bottle feeding of infants, toxic chemicals, pollution and radiation.  A major cause of impaired gut flora are antibiotics and she worries about teenagers being treated for up to two years with acne drugs, leaving them with serious damage.

Dr. Campbell-McBride points to a study showing that rats treated with antibiotics succumb to mercury poisoning while those with untreated gut flora do not.  She believes the same is true of humans and that, while the government warns against eating fish because of mercury and PCB contamination, a healthy gut should be able to tolerate the exposure and get the health benefits of eating fish.        

Dr. Campbell-McBride believes that as a population we are degrading healthy gut flora more and more every generation.  Mothers who have been on the Pill or antibiotics or a poor diet for long periods develop abnormal gut flora and pass it on to their children.  This, she believes, has led to an epidemic of eczema and autism, noting that 20 years ago the autism rate was 1 in 10,000 children and today is 1 in 88. 

When children are born with their mothers’ unhealthy gut, they have immune compromised systems, develop ear and chest infections and are treated with antibiotics, creating more damage to their systems.  As the gut wall suffers more damage, it allows undigested food to enter the blood stream resulting in more prevalent food allergies, such as to peanuts...  '

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  1. Great article. I agree with this and this has been what I have observed too.I read her book a few years ago, Gut and Psychology Syndrome