Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Freeman - Obama Cloning & The Coming Space War
follow on to 7 parts altogether
Be prepared! -the last bit about Obama cloning is stunning.

Our true divine nature has been usurped by magicians, or to be more accurate, sorcerers.  Instead of supplying our own divine future we can be tempted to go after money believing it can buy us the life we want.  But money is totally manipulated by those in power who don't have our interests at heart.  Freeman explains the magical symbolism on the dollar bill beautifully.  Obviously Bristish pound notes are laden with magical symbolism too.  Freeman  alludes to the esoteric abilites of gold and asks why it is being mined.  Luciferianism is the religion of manipulation of life.  We need to re-engage in the divine power of life.

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