Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Temple Guardians

Diet alone obviously is not enough to make for a life worth living.  The point of purifying our diet and adding in key nutrients is to clear the channels so that we can channel white light, divine energy, whatever we choose to call it. Clearing emotional blocks is to allow this too.  Unless we turn our attention to this purpose we may find ourselves caught in the details forever.  There is so much information available now the question is not to find it but to select the valuable information that can be practically implemented that will allow us to tune into our higher knowing so we know what to do without having to continually read things up.  It is so easy to get caught up in distractions, and sometimes as we go through this process the level of distractions can increase. I lived and travelled in the far east when I was very young and was fascinated by the grotesque guardian figures at temples - and why they were there.  Later when I began to have deeper experiences with plant medicines I understood - when we see our own personalities in the light of the divine they can seem grotesquely embarrassingly - but we have to face them to experience what we truly want to experience.  Clearing restricting personality traits seems as crucial now as sharing actual information - because really all the information we need is available now - it's just being capable of implementing it - and that is up to us to do.

Whatever uncomfortable feelings we experience along the way now, at this time in history, I don't think it is a sign of things to come - just clearing of aspects of us that we don't want, individually and collectively,  discarding old remnants so we can experience what we do want.  So we might as let go into all these intense opening experiences so many of us are having now because things are speeding up so much and the situation on this planet may be surprisingly different and much easier sooner than we think.

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