Tuesday, 20 May 2014

positive primitive

with Robert Lawlor
Primitive means that which has remained close to the origins, to the source.  A child comes freshly to us from the source.  The connotations of various words such as primitive changed with industrialisation.  This was studied by Owen Barfield.  

Agriculture was a big mistake.  It involved the enslavement of the plant world.  Culture is to do with the way we draw nourishment and as we changed from nomadic to agriculture our culture has dramatically changed. The mystic, hunter, dancer, wandering indigenous nomad became the builder, farmer and unskilled worker.  An indigenous human can feed themselves by the age of 3 or 4 so knows true individuality.  Companionship is purely about the joy of kinship rather than economic necessity.  Indigenous peoples had about one square mile per person.  After agriculture we actually became shorter, our physical frames deformed under the burden of work and the nutrition became actually  poorer.

The human is the only organism wired so that walking is a spiralling motion opening up an imploding vortex of bioelectric field.  Walking and dancing are the fundamental ground of aboriginal culture, not the struggle to provide sustenance and basis of life...that's a major psychological and spiritual shift...

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