Sunday, 11 May 2014

on the electric universe

Liam Scheff in his book 'Official Stories' hilariously debunks the Big Bang theory and succinctly explains the electric universe.  Apparently Big Bang theory was invented by George Le Maitre a high ranking Roman Catholic prient.  "First there was nothing, which exploded.  Or, expanded....Big Bang theory is Biblical Genesis.  It is a creation myth."

On the electric universe:
"Anthony Peratt, plasma physicist at Los Alamos labs, has modelled plasma particles moving down a column.  Guess what shape they form in cross-section? No, not couscous.  Right, Catherine wheels, pinwheels, exactly like galaxies.  It's the natural shape of plasma flow."

In this video Wallace Thornhill tells the fascinating story of the electric universe.  It correlates many points of cosmology in the Sophianic myth of the Gnostic mysteries, which describes real cosmological events, known about in ancient times and explained in the language of metaphor, which could be thought of as a more right-brained language, before cerebral (left hemisphere) dominance was intense as it is today.

The electric force operates in real time.
All matter is connected resonantly.
Nuclear forces magnetism and gravity are all manifestations of a single force - the electric force.
These concepts are essential for coherence on all scales, from the galactic to the solar system, to life on earth and down to atoms themselves.

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