Sunday, 11 May 2014

loose cannon left hemisphere

This great paragraph from Joseph Chiltern Pearce"s 'The Biology of Transcendence' explains part of our predicament wonderfully.

"While our emotional or old mammalian brain has rich connections to the right hemisphere of our third brain, direct connections between the emotional brain and the left hemisphere are sparse.  Herein the plot thickens and grows hazardous.  Having no efficient connections of its own, the left hemisphere's reaction to the rest of the three-brain system is largely through the right hemisphere, which has much stronger connections to the brain as a unit.
A think neural band called the corpus callosum bridges the brain's two hemispheres, and it is through this that the left hemisphere has access to the right and to the processes of the rest of the brain.  This neural connection allows the left hemisphere to take material from the right, retreat from the unified scene, ad operate on the material in isolation- dissecting it, analyzing it, and putting it back together in novel ways without regard to the checks and balances of the rest of the system and without concern over how this new creation will relate to the whole...through all this action, the left hemisphere maintains its dynamic interaction with the prefrontal cortex, from which creativity and novelty spring."

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