Sunday, 11 May 2014

xocolatl dream

This is our new flavour of jun. Made with two of my favourite herbal teas tulsi (holy basil) and passionflower and the inspiration to add raw cacao powder to it.  With the spices of rooibosch chai also it turned into this amazing flavoured drink that you could not guess the taste of from the ingredients.  The cacao creates extra fizz, compared by some to the taste of coca cola, it's now my favourite flavour. The name is inspired by Aztec culture.  When the Spanish first encountered the Aztecs, who were immersed in some kind of frenzied chocolate culture, it is said that they felt like they were entering some kind of dream.  The Aztecs are remembered particularly for their appreciation of beauty combined with a warrior spirit.  they saw reality as oneric...coming through a dream.

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