Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Raw food and consciousness

I'm very happy to have an article explaining how raw food affects our state of consciouness published in Get Fresh magazine.  You can obtain the magazine here - only £2.97 to download, £3.97 for printed copy.

About 'Get Fresh!':

'Good nutrition is the foundation of good health, and Get Fresh! ...will tell you about the diet we should all be eating - a diet based around nutrient-rich, enzyme-rich raw and living plant foods...In other words, our natural diet...Leading experts in our field believe that it is not a question of whether science will one day formally validate this as the ideal diet; it is only a question of when.' We agree...But the coverage in Get Fresh! does not stop at what we eat; it also extends to what we put on our bodies and into our homes, the quality of the air we breathe, of the water we drink, and of the thoughts we think. In our toxic world there is much each of us can do to make better choices and reap the benefits of more energy and vitality, better appearance, and longer life. '

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