Tuesday, 27 April 2010

How would we know?


'...if this were an engineering project the alarms would be going off...what the hell's going on here?...wherever you look...you have to bring it back to the state of mind...that's where I am excited because the symptoms are overwhelming...' Tony Wright

How would we know if our brains were faulty, we were perceptually deluded and unable to see reality? What would we use to detect this?

Tony Wright talks about this subject and the biochemical causes. He points out that, while the concepts are relatively easy to understand, we are not ordinarily aware of our own delusion experientially in everyday life.  The data in modern scientific literature accords with Tony's findings - that there is left brain dysfunction and that the left brain is in charge. But as it is this very same left hemisphere is interpreting the data it does not see this. Can we really trust our own interpretations?

Flavenoids (compounds in fruits) are 'endocrine disrupters' and mono-amine oxidase inhibitors and allowed the brain to reach the exalted levels of functionality it once did and could again. The potential remains in all of, in the right hemisphere of the brain.

In this interview Tony explains that the progressive mental condition humans are suffering from was known about in ancient times - part of his job is to put it in the language of today.

Shamanic Freedom Radio:

In this episode, Mr Lens starts by having a rant about the doomsayers in the truth movement, and the fact that there is a lot of stifling flakiness in the general alternative perception crowd. Could this be because we all have half of our brains missing?!

This segways nicely into the guest on this show, Tony Wright, co author of the book ‘Left in the dark’. He has a theory that our brains have become neurodegenerative since we left the tropical rainforests approximately 200,000 years ago, and that we may be starved of certain foods - flavonoids, endocrine disrupters, MAO inhibitors, certain fruits and nuts etc - which may have been responsible for making our human brains grow to the size they are today. His argument is that as a result of us severing the connection with a set of plants we may have symbiotically co evolved with, our brains have failsafed into one side dominance causing right or left handedness, left brain dominance, delusion and dysfunction. He is currently
promoting the controversial theory to academics, who assume the human brain is in perfect working order, that in fact the brain is not fully functional, and that everything which has happened in the age of civilisation has happened in an era of brain dysfunctionality.

To be directed to a page where you can buy Tony Wright's book 'Left in the Dark' click here.

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