Wednesday, 27 March 2013

cherry chocolate

This is my newest and so favourite chocolate recipe!  The taste is rounded out with the touches of Celtic sea salt, cayenne and the sourness of the acerola cherry. The acerola cherry also brings a helping of vitamin C into the equation.

60g cacao butter
40g cacao paste
a few grains Celtic sea salt
3 Tbsps raw honey
2 Tbsps maca powder
3 Tbsps lucuma powder
1 Tbsp violet fig powder
1 Tbsp green fig powder
1 Tbsp acerola cherry powder
½ tsp vanilla powder
sprinkling cayenne powder

optional extra:
1 Tbsp raw noni powder

Melt cacao butter and paste over low heat (bowl over hot water or dehydrator).  Mix the other ingredients thoroughly and stir the melted cacao in.  Pour into moulds and set in fridge.

You can purchase acerola cherry powder at

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