Tuesday, 17 December 2013

boost of the earth

In this amazing and inspirational recent audio John Lamb Lash gives us ta sense of what it is to align ourselves with the dreaming power of the Earth, and make our magic real.


"We are magical animals".  Although the ultimate source  is the Originator, the immediate imminent source of our reality is the Earth.  The closer to the Originator we get the more catatonic we become, nothing happens there, the action is here...
Her (the Earth;'s) dreaming is material.  Her dreaming is manifested in the filaments of the organic light.  (non-material animating light that permeates and emanates from all matter on Earth) We can perceive it in the granular detail.

We were not given a certain quantity of life, we are given life at every instant.  She sustains our life in her dreaming.

Animism is the direct perception that the Earth is alive.  To indigenous peoples, and us today in certain states of awareness, it becomes self-evident that the Earth is a living being, as single entity that we can interact and communicate with.  Hunger for magic is in the human endopsyche.  It requires rigorous magical method to engage the boost of the Earth.  If we consciously align our lives with her life then we have a future.

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