Friday, 17 October 2014

tony wright on the human condition

Tony Wright talks to Joanne Harcourt-Smith about his research into the human condition including his symbiotic theory of human origins and also our species wide insanity.  The story begins with his own experiences after he switched to a raw food 'primate like' diet including a lot of tropical fruit.  He noticed that his perceptions including visual, began to change.  At one point he awoke in the night with a a very different although familiar sense of self also experiencing pins and needles in his right side, indicating that the left hemisphere was not fully operational.  After substantial research and shamanic exploration he concluded that  something has happened to the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex which limits its function, whilst also causing it to be dominant (cerebral dominance) so that right hemisphere function is effectively restrained too.

He believes that humans have the innate capacity by their nature to live in a perpetual state of wonder and awe, in divine rapture.  The very fact that we, as humans, have devised techniques to access this state indicates this.  We have largely lost this on a day to day level, and living in fear, the most fearful (not the most illuminated) dominate.

Tony uses the analogy of lenses to describe the way the hemispheres of the brain facilitate conscious awareness.  At one time they worked together rather like lenses in binoculars but this is not longer the case and we live in a split sense of self.

Tony sees the steps we need to take as follows:
1. rebuild and restore the neural system
2. inhibit the sense of self from the lens that is not working so well i.e. left hemisphere through methods such as reducing speech and sleep deprivation
3.stimulate the right hemisphere with complex tasks such as music, singing and things that are too complicated for the left to deal with.
4, Compensate for loss of neurochemistry with neurochemical analogies including the plant medicine tradition.

We need a holistic approach. Our DNA is read optimally in the presence of tropical forest biochemistry.  We were plant-human hybrids.  We are now in a position to fly tropical forest foods around the globe.

Religion as we know it emerged as we shifted from the experiential to the conceptual and we began to run ourselves and our lives with belief systems.

We have a window of time to sort out our dilemma before the right hemisphere too degenerates.

Of all Tony's many recorded interviews this is the one I would currently recommend to anyone fairly new to his work as it covers the initial ground so clearly step by step.

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