Tuesday, 23 December 2014

northern lights

What an amazing experience to be in the Northern Lights!  You feel as if you are immersed in their field rather than viewing them from afar.  The bus takes you on a quest to find them and just as we parked we looked up and there was a mystical fluffy white streak across the sky.  I thought could this be them?  Then we stepped out of the bus and they came into colour.  The colours are actually paler and more ethereal than they show in photographs because, obviously, special photographic techniques need to be used to capture them.  I love the down to earth attitude of Icelanders.  Our bus guide explained that they don't need stores of elves and so forth; the Northern Lights are magical and wonderful enough as they are.

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  1. Hi Holly, whwere you there in December this year? I am planning to go this year when the time comes, so, I would love more detaisl about the tryp from you, please. Maybe through email better? Gracias and have a wonderful day :-D