Thursday, 22 January 2015

ant essence and dang gui

Have been taking ant essence in this formulation for about two months now and have to recommend it!  So far deer antler and  evening primrose oil have helped me through this female phase, on top of all the other natural remedies I do including natural progesterone cream, melatonin, ubiquinol and immortal molecules. It was the dang gui in the formulation that I had heard was especially good for women but now I am really keen on the whole combination of herbs.  As usual, I still feel like I have the energy levels of my twenties, although of course I want to expend that energy in different ways now to how I did them!  When for some reason I stop taking my supplements for a few days I really notice the difference and then appreciate their value in my life a whole lot more.  I am loving feeling so much warmer than I used to and being able to therefore enjoy the beauty of winter in northern places so much more, and to go intrepidly into windy terrains when most people are indoors.  Anyway, I digress...
Ant essence is very rich in zinc which all of us tend to lack due to soil deficiencies.  It is particularly crucial for growing boys and also men.

You can read more about it here.

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