Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Gerard Bini talks about the Geocleanse

I discovered the amazing geocleanse through a serendipitous sequence of events. The first time I entered a house with a Geocleanse plugged in I felt like I was walking into nature. That was in the suburbs of a large city. Now I cannot imagine living in an urban environment without one. And even in rural places there can be problematic energies as Gerard Bini describes.

Gerard is the inventor of the Geocleanse and other companion devices. The Geocleanse programs the entire electrical circuit of a building to emit so-called negative ions, such as you would find in nature, It also removes unwanted frequencies, geopathic, artificial and human. The device counters the effects of EMF such as mobile signals, smart meters and digital TV, (which your neighbours may have even if you don't) The car harmoniser has revolutionised the driving experience for me, The water ioniser changes the structure of the water to be similar to that of high mountain water. And there is a mobile phone harmoniser, travel  and aircraft harmoniser, wand, dome and pendants. You can discover the interesting background to these products in the videos below.  You can read more too here: http://foodforconsciousness.co.uk/product-category/for-your-home/orgone-devices/. The devices are available at this link and also on edenicstates,com.

Sorry if my interjections in the interview are a little irritating. Next time I interview anyone I will keep quieter.! Also it was very late at night calling Gerard from Britain to Australia and I had just driven a hundred miles!


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