Friday, 19 May 2017

Food for Consciousness talk Devon

Event Civic Hall Totnes Devon this weekend 20th and 21st May 2017.
Talk on Food for Consciousness 2pm Saturday.
How can we get into the state we would like to be in? How can we regenerate out neural systems and health using the natural biological foods of our species. Delicious recipe demos included. What are the essential nutrients for ultimate wellbeing? Minerals, CBD, earthing connection and much more explained.
Also a stand with interesting products you may not have come across before.
"Research shows that humans once lived and could again live in a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness. Even now we can significantly improve our brain chemistry to improve the way we feel and experience more energy, happiness, effectiveness, intuition, and creativity and deepen our connection with others. Ultimately our DNA can once again be read to its full blueprint and we can experience life the way we innately know we are designed to."

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