Saturday, 27 January 2018

Geometry at the End of Time

Daniel Pinchbeck and Robert Lawlor interview.

"It's only consciousness that survives the Kali Yuga."
"It is only death that can bestow rebirth"

"Certainly, we should give it our best shot to reconstruct see the systems that we have but on but there's forces that seem to just keep that in a sort of dream diary.. in the 1960s when we're realizing we should stop cutting down the forest and the thing in South America … it's all accelerated from those times the trees are falling in Brazil faster than ever ...I don't think anyone should stop doing anything; it's not for that; you don't stop maintaining your body when you get older and you you're going to die, you even increase it, but that still doesn't eliminate thatvwhen you have a beginning middle you have an end and this is what the yuga system outlines."

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