Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Clinical Kinesiology

by Paul Morton

Every symptom be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is simply a display of the forces in your content or inner.

Address the causative factors in content and the display is automatically resolved.

As humans we get stuck, entangled or ensnared by our feelings and emotions, by our beliefs and mental constructs and also by our ancestral patterns.

This therapy will liberate you, lift up your vision and change your state. Essentially it places you in control of the lower life forces within you.

The result of this is a permanent change of state taking you one step closer to a more dynamic life in rhythm with your essence.

How it can help?
All symptoms or life problems can be resolved at the inner or causative level of existence. Once we label, understand and shift our perceptual and feeling states in respect to any dysfunction then it must change, it is natural law.


Paul Morton practises clinical kinesiology from Totnes, Devon.

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