Saturday, 17 July 2010

Natural skin care

Totnes being what it is, I wandered into our largest health food store, Greenlife, today to buy a cucumber and found an old acquaintance, a lovely local mother, demonstrating the wares of her new company, Gentle Green.  It's  skin cream made completely with pure,vibrant, natural and very potent ingredients.  I tried some - it smelt and felt wonderful.

I personally use only fresh home-grown aloe vera gel on my skin - the other skin nourishment comes from my food, copious amounts of fresh water, the sun, the rain and fresh air from vast amounts of walking. However, I know people with  stubborn skin conditions, such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, need some extra help and this cream is getting excellent results with these conditions.

As 60% of what we put on our skins is absorbed internally, we should only put on our skin things which are fit to eat. (I like to think that the aloe vera is getting into me this way because it has important nutritional properties).  And this cream passes this test.  All the ingredients are carefully sourced from small scale growers, as locally as possible.

You can obtain the cream from the website
where selected suppliers are also listed.

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