Monday, 20 September 2010

Out of the Ordinary

Just been at Out of the Ordinary festival where I did a talk and made some lovely connections - thanks! - all round a really nice few days in every respect.

I still have some bargain editions of my little book Recreating the Psychoactive Forest - due to a printing error (my fault) I have had to sellotape the covers together - the contents are all there and intact.  It was great to be able to sell so many at the festival at this time when so many people are counting their pennies while this information is so needed.

More details to be confirmed soon of Food for Consciousness event on Saturday 27th November in Totnes, Devon.  Speakers will include Tony Wright (Root Cause of Human Insanity), Paul Foster (Hemp nutrition and biological lifestyle etc), Philip Ridley (Weston A. Price Foundation).  I will speak about practical nutrition and lifestyle embracing the knowledge and wisdom coming from all these points of view - these speakers have been invited based on the superb information they convey, their ability to convey it and their integrity in living it.  Entry will be by donation -  all you have to do is get yourself there for a treat of a day and a chance to interact with people on similar paths.  Delicious high nutrition refreshments will be available.

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