Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Sacred Feminine

Here Tony Wright explains that in our undegenerated state there really isn't so much difference psychologically between men and women.  The perplexing differences we currently experience  are really different manifestations of brain damage - the symptoms have manifested differently because of our different hormone levels to start with.

'My take and terminology is intentionally rational as it appears to be the dominant mode of communication in the hierarchical/patriarchal systems. My objective is to infiltrate those systems with a ‘concept’ that breaks the rational minds deluded grip in a language even it understands.
So rather than discuss philosophy I would say there is a biological/hormonal mechanism with a gender related outcome that explains the emergence of patriarchal societies in terms of neurological degeneration due to hormone damage during early development. This is not a male only condition, it just hits males harder leading to extremes in symptomology, more madness/fear/control at one end yet paradoxically more insight, cognitive ability etc at the other. Archaically I don’t think there was much gender difference in perception/psychology, the fully functional neo-cortext (advanced lens of perception, temple of light/house of god, whatever) facilitated access or self-recognition of a profound sense of beingness without gender. Even now, push the limits/depth of our perceptual equipment and the ‘experience’ reported regardless of gender is remarkably similar. Brief summary here
More accessible accounts here http://beyond-belief.org.uk/
One thing I’m convinced of, there is no way to think our selves out of the mess we are in, that is part of our current delusion, concepts or ideas alone no matter how elegant, insightful or well intended will make no meaningful difference if we are neurologically compromised in modern language or deluded and fallen from grace re the universal accounts of our pre rational history.'


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