Friday, 14 October 2011

interview with Kate Magic !

Holly Paige is difficult to put into words! A fiercely independent thinker, she joins the dots between raw foods, consciousness and transformation in a way that is at once profound and accessible. Holly is mother to four children, and has been raw over ten years. She spends a lot of her time researching information and developing ideas, as well as teaching classes and sharing information on her blogs. You may not have heard of her, because she isn’t particularly interested in pursuing fame, more trying to reach for the truth, but I feel she has an extremely valuable level of information to share, and is a true pioneer of the raw foods movement. She really understands the biochemistry of how the raw food diet works, particularly how it affects brain chemistry. She then draws on that understanding, to extrapolate how humanity and our world might alter if we all were operating on that purer frequency. She believes the three key areas we need to address to move into a more positive future state are: changing our diets to include more raw foods and superfoods; becoming more directly connected to the earth and tuned into the natural world; and de-programming our consciousness, so that our thoughts and feelings create joyful and abundant scenarios, rather than the fear and scarcity based paradigm that we are currently living in. Join us for this fascinating interview!

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