Thursday, 13 September 2012


by Gwyneth Robbins, a a Crystal Healer who also teaches a Crystal Healing Diploma, Crystal Journeys and Gaias Earth Medicine.  She lives in Glastonbury.  She recently gave me a lovely explanation of the power of apophyllite, which made my day!

Holly and I met recently and had only met once before but something (divine intervention!) brought us together for a profound conversation.!
I have for some time been interested in the possibility of the energetic correlation between eating natural raw plant foods and the enhancement of our state of health through crystal energies.  Of course, they are both products of our Mother Earth, and I believe at this time in particular, the raw food movement and the increased awareness of crystal energies is paramount in our abilities to clear our  energetic bodies, to heal at a deep level and become the 'light beings' we truly are.

So, since everything is about energy and vibration - if we are taking minerals into the body through our food, we can surely enhance that healing process by carrying around the mineral crystal also.  We are all part of this Earth.  Our body contains minerals just as the body of our Mother Gaia contains the same and many more minerals.  Naturally, some of the minerals in the Earth are not good for us and will poison us if taken internally such as lead and mercury.

Zeolite is taken by some raw foodists to help detox and clear the whole body system.  Zeolite is the family name for the crystal called apopyllite.  The zeolite family also consists of prehnite and stilbite.  Apophyllite is either beautifully clear or more rarely green.  The crystal contains a lot of water which energetically may help us to work with the energy of it since our body is made up of 70% water also.  There is a sympathetic resonance here!  Apophyllite itself is a clear pyramid shaped crystal with a rectangular base, the crystals grow on clusters of zeolite mineral.  The energy of it is immense, helping us to be really open in all senses therefore offering us a deep sense of clarity on many levels of our being.  It clears and brings in lots of light from the Source and can elevate us to higher levels and states of being opening doorways that were otherwise seemingly closed to us.  Green apophyllite works to open the heart to a much higher level of clarity and light.  Therefore apophyllite spiritually opens doorways of immense clarity and vision – it helps us to feel at home in our body whilst giving us a feeling of divine love and joy.
If you are on a spiritual pathway I invite you to try wearing apophyllite if you are cleansing with zeolites and see what happens to your levels of awareness.  
Crystal Love
Gwyneth Robbins

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