Saturday, 8 September 2012

zeolites and pure body

Zeolite came to me at a time when I was despairing about the apparently all-pervading pollution coming at us from all angles.  The emergence of zeolite has been a great affirmation that every crisis produces its own miracles.  Used in the cleanup after Chernobyl, zeolite began to be sold as a supplement for detoxifying the human body in the 1990's.  Simply put, zeolite looks like a honeycomb and carries a charge that allows it to capture toxins.  At the same time it is inert and therefore does not react chemically with food or body fluids.  Zeolites have many health benefits and uses.  They bond with and remove a variety of toxins including heavy metals (e.g. lead, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic and mercury), nitrosamines and radioactive metals such as strontium-90 and caesium.  They act as a powerful antioxidant and help buffer body pH to healthy alkalinity.  They help remove pesticides, herbicides and dioxins, reduce viral load, help buffer blood sugar levels, improve nutrient absorption, promote healthy gut flora, reduce allergic reactions, enhance immune system and generally help prevent premature aging.
Like many people, I had been feeling amazing benefits with powdered zeolites for years and was looking for a liquid zeolite which had preserved the structure that is so crucial to its action and also was affordable on an everyday lifestyle.  To produce 'Pure Body' liquid zeolite the company that make it, Touchstone, have managed to reduce the particles to a small enough size to enter the bloodstream (0.3 microns) without crushing the zeolite cages.  The majority of the particles are between 0.1 and 0.5 microns.  The particles over 0.3 microns in size proceed to the large intestine where they trap toxins in the colon.  Since taking it I have felt amazing clarity in my head i.e.clearer thinking and lots more inspiration and ideas.  Testomonials for pure body liquid zeolites list improvements with tick borne illness, sugar cravings, immune difficultiues, brain fog, vaccination induced autism and an incredible array of ailments both chronic and acute.  For more information, technical data, testomonials etc. and obtaining it please email me.

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  1. "Used in the cleanup after Chernobyl, zeolite began to be sold as a supplement for detoxifying the human body in the 1990's."

    But it has a negative effect right? Can you elaborate more the pros and cons of using this zeolite? Thanks.

    Christine Eubanks