Sunday, 6 October 2013

awake in the dream

The earth is undergoing a process of conscious dreaming in which humans also can awake simultaneously, one dreamer at a time, but preferably in pairs... we dream together will be revealed to us...

The Gaian lucid dream is an eruption of the highest rapturous magic of the Divine Feminine into the human psyche, pouring through mind and body, all at once.

Sophia awakens, but still continues to dream with the planet earth realized as her vehicle of expression. "Gaia Awakening" signals the actualization of conscious dreaming through the instrument of her dreambody, this very earth. The progression of history toward a global or planetary status, uniquely achievable for human species, reveals her dream experiment refracted in human behavior, attitudes, and expectations, including the worst that can be imagined...
...At the same moment, humans who envision a correction of human deviance from the divine experiment awaken WITH her: conscious of being dreamed by a divine presence.

John Lamb Lash 

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