Monday, 14 October 2013

raw chocolate kefir cheese cake

You need 300g kefir cream cheese and a batch of molten raw chocolate

Kefir Cream Cheese:
You can make kefir cream cheese  in two ways:
One is to pour kefir liquid into a muslin or nylon straining bag and hang over a container to catch the whey.  Leave for 24 hours and you have kefir cheese in the bag.  Alternatively leave kefir liquid in a kilner jar for a few days so that the creamy curds and clear whey separate out.  Then you can spoon the kefir cream off the top.  It works much better with the thick kefir you get from Jersey or Guernsey cows' milk.

To make the chocolate you need the folloing ingredients:
110g cacao butter
50g cacao paste
3 Tbspns yacon syrup
pinch cayenne
pinch Celtic sea salt
4 Tbspns lucuma powder
1 Tbspn maca
1 tspn he shou wu
1 Tbspn strawberry powder
1 Tbspn fig powder
1 Tbspn purple corn
¼ tsp vanilla powder
¼ tsp blue green algae

Melt cacao paste and butter over hot water, add yacon and salt
Mix dry chocolate ingredients
Stir paste and butter mixture into dry ingredients

Making the Cheesecake:
Stir the molten chocolate into the cream cheese thoroughly and mould into cake shape.

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