Saturday, 29 November 2014

entheogens and cultural deconditioning

This interview really warms up and a fascinating subject area is covered including the significance of particular serotonin receptor sites and a meaningful discussion of the entheogens with regard to human potential.  I have a sightly different understanding of the timeline and unfolding of the human story and less enthusiasm for religion but the discussion here is high;y relevant to the human predicament.  I sense that our initial initiation into entheagenic consciousness was through our connection with fruit trees and that later other species such as mushrooms helped partially reawaken this.  I can't remember whether it was on this audio or just around the same time that I heard the remark that alcohol is the ultimate anti-entheagen.  An interesting comment I feel; for me  alcohol in any quantity beyond the small amounts that occur naturally in the matrix of a plant ferment disturb the connection that is sustained by an entheagenic diet.

"There's some universal human values that are programmed into our species that emerge when people use these medicines again...medicines don't necessarily give you that rather they decondition things that have been overriding that message...what seems to emerge is  a world view similar to the ancient world"  Daniel Vitalis

"We have a rich repository of receptors for these substances and we even produce some of the substances seemingly for no other purpose than to elicit these experiences which says something very fundamental about ho we need to remember we are" Nora Gedgaudas

Note on entheagen from Frank Mc Eowen  The Spiral of Magic and Belonging: A Celtic Path of Soul and Kinship:  'Entheogen literally means "revealer of the God within" and I propose that entheagen "the Goddess within" could also be used.'  

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