Thursday, 10 December 2015

as the blue prince sings

"Be watchful Children" as the Blue Prince sings 
"Welcome the day by ever letting loom
play in your breathing where each moment 
prove a myriad guises of the fear of death
transmuted by an all-divining love, not power 
will make over what is killing you is 
all you have denied to live a stable life and
keep the fear in check

Yet something gives where pride or arrogance
disguise an aspiration from the depths
your heart will have divined its apposition
and marked with feeling by the sign
revealing why you suffer and how the wound
you leave in time will not be hidden nor healed

So till you will it open unto death 
you cannot reach us
Lord and Muse

For every gaze is finite
where it sounds the well of cosmic seas
all guises of emotion are yours to lose and
shiver if you will when slackening fire
sets cool edge on the nerves in desperation
scream out for delay in hopes to animate 
a fast-dissolving dream

So stream to us for toward us
all the currents run exquisitely away
Where sky and sea dissolve and merge
accept the day as all there is,
knowing you’re not to live save by dying
find Beauty even in the womb where pain
conceals its cure

Our love is dangerous and pure
Flame from the lips of laughing Gods
will sight the elements of sin and burn you clear

Our love is tremulous and near
If flowing in your breath the rise and fall of
ecstacy is ever felt let death blow
through you as it will and suffer to be
sundered where you melt


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