Sunday, 20 December 2015

callibration of the anthropos


Anthropos is a name for the human species, we are anthropine animals as, for example, cats are feline animals and dogs are canines.
From the writings of John Lamb Lash:
The base substrate of the human genome is nous, nucleic acid, the basis of sentience and genetic transmission, divine intelligence
"Within this substrate Sophia compounded or deposited other archetypal radiant essences: 
each component can be understood in three ways: a divine archetypal impulse from the Generations, a capacity or talent, a chemical component or reciprocate"
dianoia, communication and language, serotonin and dopamine
metanoia, the ability to see patterns, to construct and deconstruct models and paradigms, DMT
perinoia , ludic or pretending skill, endorphins.  Note coupled with fear this becomes paranoia.
enthymesis, passion, desire, enthusiasm, eros, iron radiation field based in haemoglobin, 
plus lymphatic fluids and electrolytes of cardiac action
ennoia, free will, intention, with the enhancement of conative latitude, freedom from instinctual programs, adenocortisone
cognitive apprehension, proprioception, knowing what we are apprehending, genius learning abilities, wisdom, serotonin
Our capacity for free will, togther with our cognitive abilites and our ability to pretend, and also to build abstract models, leads to a tendency to disconnect from our environment and even turn against it...hence the problem. An extra capacity came later which can help us.
luminous epinoia, creative imagination, mitogenic radiation of the ribosomes, related to ATP and luminosity invisible wavelengths of DNA (biophotons)

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