Thursday, 30 August 2012

love, war and gaian ecosorcery #6 john lamb lash

In this fascinating talk John Lamb Lash describes how most people live in unconscious complicity with the globalist perpetrators and how we can lucidly choose the complicity that we live in.

He describes six degrees of complicity:
1. people knowingly living in complicity with the global perpetrators
2. unwitting accomplices, useful idiots, often idealistic people who are, for example, involved in certain organisations
3. ambivalent complicity, people who aret actually exposing and hyping perpetrators at the same time, making them seem more powerful than they actually are and not offering any solutions
4. passive complicity from people who's minds are fudged
5. ignorant complicity from people who don't want to learn
6. total helplessness from large numbers of people who simply don't care

Living in beauty eliminates the tendency to live in complicity with the globalist perpetrators.  What is good in the terms of Gaia's interests and purpose is what is beautiful.  Your personal and social identity, with personal history etc is a social fiction which we know as the ego and compels us to believe that there is a separation.  The ego is the part of you that cannot receive.

There is  a 'correction' happening at this time and those who choose to connect with the purposes of the Earth, Gaia, the 'planetary animal mother', are having spectacular experiences.  It is the connection and commitment to the earth that allows us to have solutions.  Those who choose to be in complicity with the earth wisdom goddess, Gaia-Sophia, are experiencing passage from witnessing what she is doing to being to being participating accomplices.  These people do not turn the tide for the rest of humanity - they sail on different tides.

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