Tuesday, 28 August 2012

raw lemon cheesecake

This is specially for people who love to eat cheesecake but not sugar or pasteurised dairy products!

First of all you can make a delicious soft raw cheese in a number of ways:

Kefir Cheese

If you can get kefir thick enough, it can be made into cheese.  One way to do this is to leave some kefir in a jar for a couple of hours and allow it to separate.  Spoon the curds off the top.  You can then put them into a muslin bag, such as a nut milk strainer bag and hang over a container for a few more hours to catch  any remaining whey.  Then you have kefir cheese in the bag.

Cream cheese

Allow greek style yoghurt made with raw milk to strain through muslin until the liquid has drained off.

Cottage Cheese

Warm a pint of raw milk (goat's, cow's or sheep's), taking care not to heat above body temperature (37°C) then added a little mesophilic starter and leave for an hour. Then re-warm it and added 20 drops of vegetarian rennet.

This can then set  in less than an hour when the whey is strained off by tipping it into a muslin cloth over a bowl. For  using in a cheesecake then add no further ingredients. For details about where to obtain cheese starters click here.  You can buy rennet from health food stores.

Now you have your soft cheese to use in a raw cheesecake recipe.

This is a  lovely Lemon Cheesecake:


300g almonds, soaked
4 medjool dates

Cheese Topping:

½ lemon – the zest and the juice
8 dried apricots, soaked overnight
about 400g soft cheese.  This can be kefir cheese, cream cheese or unseasoned cottage cheese  made with 1200ml/2 pints milk

Fruit Topping (optional):

250g strawberries
60g blueberries
2 medjool dates

Process the base ingredients and press into a 20cm round.
Blend the cheese topping ingredients and spread on top.
Blend the fruit topping ingredients and pour over the cheesecake.

You can add melted cacao butter to the cheese topping and put the finished cake in the fridge to make it set firmer.

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