Wednesday, 18 September 2013

anaru maori healer

We have been lucky enough to have indigenous Maori healer Anaru Paine staying at our house over the last few days and hear the sounds of the screams of his clients...As he explains, he releases pain he doesn't cause it.  Having had two treatments with him over the last two years I can vouch for this.  The pain experienced as he clicks the body back into place feels safe and beneficial, and we are restored to wellbeing - there is even a  subtle euphoric high afterwards, if a little wobbliness.  Allow time for a warm bath afterwards if you have a treatment with him.  For sure he just a special presence, maybe attributable to his background living on his tribal lands. His mother is of Tuhoe tribe.  You cna read a bit more about Anaru here:

'No matter how small Tuhoe are (in number)
Their laughter resounds through the night

Tuhoe people have a love of deep belly laughter. They will laugh at the face of darkness. Deep belly laughter is known to be one of the highest of the healing arts. It is the fastest way to erase fear. All Maori Healers featured on this website are renowned for their ability to bring forth the deep belly laughter within others'

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