Monday, 23 September 2013

enjoying the equinox and a shot of the life force

Sat over the swirling mists on Glastonbury Tor in the early morning light, mesmerised by the swaying grasses beyond which little to be seen but the mist.

Understanding more and more the concept of 'your life is not your own'.  Yes, for sure, we have a life story but we cannot own life itself, any more than we can own the sun or the wind or the rain.  Life is about being part of the life-force itself - if you want to feel alive!

Recently we began taking the telomerase activator supplement TA65.  A big and newish subject, we just write an article for Funky Raw magazine about it and I don't feel I can preempt publication! - for now I am just going to quote the following:

"...We get the feeling and impression that telomerase is actually doing something more than just lengthening telomeres...we get the feeling that this enzyme ... has multiple purposes. The experience of being on TA65 is quite distinct. ...we feel it is changing our life trajectory. Ever since we were born and even in our so called youth we were aging, Now it feels different. This is about turning on an enzyme that we have not experienced since we were embryonic. While eating raw is rejuvenating, having our telomerase activated is actually youthing..."

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