Sunday, 29 September 2013

parallel universe and the physics of beauty

"On Andromeda, the mirror-world of human experience, aesthetic laws work like natural laws on earth. This is the physics of beauty. Plants grow there otherwise and flowers bloom in another way, mirroring how the Gaian habitat would look were it seen ecstatically, beheld in the rush of beautiful looking, without identification. On Andromeda everything looks that way, normally.

The parallel world in Andromeda is a close replica of the world inhabited by humanity on earth except that it contains no refuse, no rejected or superfluous elements of any kind. Identification produces the illusion of division, a false perception of inequality in which some factors must always be discarded, discounted, disrespected. On Andromeda no one throws anything away because there is nothing to discard. There is no look that does not praise what it beholds. In that parallel world everyone gets the attention they need because no one gets a special or superfluous dose of attention.

Throughout the entire range of the Becoming the myriad mirror-worlds are co-emergent one pair at a time. The Divine Trinity arises because in each pair the primary counterpart is coupled with a secondary counterpart. Primary counterparts mirror each other, as earth and Andromeda do. The secondary counterpart to earth, dimensionally concealed within the sun, mirrors the coupling of earth and Andromeda. The mirroring is fractal and extrapolating: the entire galaxy of Andromeda mirrors life on Gaia, but not vice versa, because the mirroring is assymmetric.

The Andromedan mirror-world and the earth-world arise together, co-emergently, just as people in a room arise simultaneously with their images beheld in a mirror placed in the room. When they appear in the room so do their images appear in the mirror. When their images appear in the mirror so do they in the room. Twinned worlds are subliminally intermingled the way dream and waking are. Each world lends some of its physical properties to the other. Scientists on earth will be forever baffled by the most elementary properties of the physical world as long they fail to realize that another set of laws intrudes into terrestrial laws. In cosmic co-emergence the beauty of physics intermingles with the operation of physical laws.

An example of co-emergent physics can be seen in the realm of plants and trees. A stalk of wheat would not be able to stand erect were it subject exclusively to terrestrial laws. The grain in the head of the stalk is heavy, and so the grain falls to earth due to terrestrial laws, but the stalk of the growing plant defies gravity. It plunges upward, straight and true. Before it can fall, die and regenerate, the grain must be raised into communion with the entire cosmic environment. The beauty of its self-offering is framed by Andromeda laws. On earth gravity is the primary world-shaping force. On Andromeda, levity is.

It is true that centrifugal force on earth has its counterpart in centripetal force, in gravity, but it would be pure foolishness to presume that centrifugal force -- i.e., fleeing away from the center of mass -- holds the wheat-stalk upright, or allows trees to dance lithely in the air, or causes millions of other plants, grasses and climbing vines to writhe ecstatically toward the heavens. Human ingenuity cannot produce the miracle of the wheat-stalk, the spiralling morning glory vine, or a massive sequoia tree. In terms of engineering these are living design miracles that defy both gravity and mechanical law. Nothing constructed by human skill could be so supple and yet so stable. Constructed on terrestrial principles, the wheat stalk is nevertheless incapable of standing tall and steady due to terrestrial laws alone. It needs the co-emergence of Andromedan physics. The plant-world on earth mirrors the physics of beauty, the aesthetic laws that prevail on Andromeda. Van Gogh’s sunflowers grow there as they appear in his paintings, gelatinously puckered into the translucent plasma of the atmosphere.

Scientists on earth will never work out terrestrial physics unless they recognize that all physical events on the planet arise from the conjuncture of two distinct systems of physical law, Andromedan and terrestrial. It takes two to know one."

John Lamb Lash

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