Thursday, 7 August 2014

the house where i was born

I have memories of the late spring evening I was born in this lovely village of Willoughby on the Wolds, Leicestershire, then in Nottinghamshire.  Nearby is the site of the Roman town Vernemetum, where there was an ancient Celtic grove which was, so the story goes, burnt down by the Romans, the soil there remaining black to this day.

Gary on the M1

Later, after visiting the village with my brother, mother and daughter I  crossed the M1 motorway with my brother Gary and walked in the woods near Strelley where we both walked with my mother when she used to live nearby.  It was a very special day.

woods near Strelley

After this journey to my homeland  I had  a past life clearing with the lovely Andrea Foulkes.  I was really feeling the need, not from the visit but just because the time had come.  Personally i don't really believe that we as individuals are the same person in all these lives, more that we are in some way carrying a memory or connection to these other lives, some kind of shared experience.  Andrea reported that there were countless life memories in me of  being beaten tortured and killed as a woman and in abject poverty.  This did not surprise me.  She also saw the key emotional moments of this life with incredible accuracy.  It felt good to clear although the release went on for a few days.  I was catharting pure terror.  I was using emotional freedom technique (tapping) regularly through the day to help me through the process.  Now something feels very different, a blockage has been removed, like I am able to work closer to my true potential.
woods near Strelley

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